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Fresh Ideas to do up your bedrooms as a bedroom today is no longer seen as an enclosed room for related activities but as a fluid interplay between the person occupying it and his dreams....

As the name suggests an Entertainment space can be made in any area of a home, be it reading a book on a cozy chair or having your favourite drink at your bar. Our range has these special pieces that connect with you.

"A family that eats together stays together" At Cane Boutique a dining table set is much more than just a place for eating a meal, it is in fact an extension of your togetherness with your family where a meal and talks are enjoyed over a comfortable ambience. Our range makes this place special with the uniqueness in design and finishes and a character that spell class and happiness.

We at CANE BOUTIQUE believe an exterior setting is only an extension of your interior spaces .Our absolute amazing range is hand made using the best SUV Resistant and all weather proof material that can be used outdoors in Patios or Gardens and is totally maintenance free. This is perhaps why we have designed some great garden furniture that will instantly update your garden and in turn allow you to enjoy nature at its finest!

It is very well said that a Living space is always the face of your home. From elegant & practical to enchanting and unique, our collection of Sofas and Armchairs help you in choosing that element that says it all for you and the style you want to portray. Our extensive collection includes beautifully upholstered Sofa sets finished in different styles and natural wood chairs that are unique and can be used as statement pieces.

As the name suggests our Fusion collection has some of the latest trends that are blended with period styles to form an ageless collection.

Our collections in this category is of sheer beauty with blends of styles in Modern & Classic looks bringing a Fusion mix that is amazing to have in your home.

For those of you who prefer the earthy settings we have a wide range of different weaves that are handwoven to form the most exquisite furniture pieces.