About Us

Cane Boutique is one of the largest chains of manufacturing Rattan and wicker furniture in Bangalore.


One of the many highlights of our furniture’ is that you can create your very own theme throughout your home. From sheer elegance to a rustic ambience done up using the best material and finished to the best. These stunning pieces of furniture are  created to only the highest quality.  From  living areas to the outdoors our pieces  instantly uplift any home spaces adding sheer beauty to a room.

If, on one hand we have a contemporary setting with clean lines then on the other hand we  have classics like the chesterfield designs being brought down from the European culture....  French romantic accent pieces done in the most subtle fabrics and finishes can be teamed up with unique modern styles using leathers and sophisticated finishes. all these looks  can decorate any choicest area of your home.

For those of you who prefer the casual and earthy settings we have the amazing wickers that are handwoven to form the most exquisite furniture  pieces., amazing craftsmanship done by skilled labour makes each peice stand apart. The seductive  outdoor collections to do up  the lovely garden and patio spaces brings out the romantic side in you. Our passion art panels done in wood and amazing metals can enthral any person who appreciates detail.

Growing and coming down the ages our designs and manufacturing has been nurtured to form the right balance that talks a class of its own. Seeing is believing so come and enjoy the collections at our store.

  • Started Cane Boutique in 94-95 from a garage doing wicker lampshades with 3 skilled craftspeople from Assam. The response was great, and Jungle Lodges and Resorts was one of our early clients at that time.

  • In 99, started wicker furniture and added wood and metal furniture. Started importing a lot of raw materials from South East Asia (Indonesia, Thailand)

  • In 2001, started manufacturing unit in Yemlur with 30 craftsmen skilled people. Also started a showroom in 100 ft Road, Indiranagar. Our major client was Coffee Day, done furniture for 250 of their outlets across India. Started customization of furniture according to tastes of people, other than importing pieces and artefacts (Remains USP until today).

  • In 2004, moved to a 6 floor 10000 sqft showroom on Inner Ring Road, Domlur as a lifestyle store.

  • In 2009, started a lifestyle lighting store called Ministry of Lights in Domlur, approx. 10000 sqft. having lights from Europe, China and Spain.

  • In 2010, started a complete furniture manufacturing unit with machines from Germany and Austria and Taiwan. At this time, staff was 60 people. Major customers were Brigade (model apartments), Prestige, Wipro etc.

  • Regularly attend furniture fairs all over the world – 2,3 every year – China, Milan, Philippines, Vietnam. This is to source furniture as well as to learn about it.

  • Branching into Room Attire in 2014. Taking it online etc. Make the target customer clear, to avoid confusion with existing clients of Cane Boutique.